We are driven to be a proactive force, voice, and educator in the continuing emergence of the rich cultural offering of the Caribbean.

TRÍBE CARÍBE promotes and distributes exceptional original Caribbean content.


Music is at the core of  TRÍBE CARÍBE.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services for Artists, Producers, Songwriters and Record Labels that ensure increased global reach and revenue.

We are passionate about providing an environment and destination for the cross-pollination of all Caribbean musical genres and styles. We are here to amplify the powerful sound of all the Caribbean.


At TRÍBE CARÍBE we believe that the original content being developed in our countries is the FUTURE.

The untapped raw creative talent in concert with the untold narratives of the Caribbean and Latin America will yield a new wave in cinema.

We pioneer Caribbean stories, support filmmakers and provide production services to international productions who seek to honor and celebrate Caribbean and Latin culture in their work.


Great art reflects not only the times but also the culture that it is born from. We work with a passionate collective of world class visual artists pushing the boundaries of their respective mediums.

At TRÍBE CARÍBE we believe that upholding our community and caring for one another is imperative.

You find us working and supporting not only top artistic, musical and film projects but also non-profits and social activism and justice movements to improve our collective well-being as a Caribbean community.

"Andres Levin's 'Yerba Buena' is a musicologists dream.. New York Latin bugaloo, and Nigerian afrobeat salsa, Afro-Cuban religious drumming, funk, hip hop and jazz. Feel the music through your feet first and then put your head to work"
- New York Times on TC's Andres Levin




"Musical innovator Andres Levin is a multi-culti world unto himself ... He's a brilliant producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist"

“[A] New York City collective of open-eared Afro-Cuban funkateers led by producer/multi-instrumental Andres Levin.. After a year of incendiary live gigs, Yerba Buena makes its full-length debut. [they] exert a tight grip on their amped-up dance music, offering muscular, detailed grooves that manage to be both fluid and airtight.”

“…from rumba to guajira to rock to hip-hop, lyrics in English and Spanish, rappers and singers who can handle sultry ballads, pop hooks or santeria-style incantations… a set that layered party music and sly social commentary into a joyful, ever-evolving, border-hopping groove.”

"Dig this: the best new afrobeat band on the scene is Yerba Buena... The sound of Yerba Buena is brawny, ecstatic, and deeply funky in an Afroatlantic way, with energy so raw that dilettantish aficionados of Latin Music would do better to keep playing that old Joe Cuba LP at home. Producer/keyboardist Andres Levin formed the group conceiving the band as a school' for Afrolatin composers, songwriters and artists to play and experiment with what he calls 'the other side of Latin music-the black Latin music'.  If you think that means African polyrhythms, if you think that means hip-hop, if you think that means cumbia and guajira and son, you're right and you're wrong.  Yerba Buena is all that and so much more"




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